Monochrome has a singular vision—to make work that is bold, unique, and perfect for the client. I see design as a language that interacts with consumers. It draws them in and whispers what to think. Design is king here. I work to create impactful creative with partners through collaborations, communication, and shared insights. I believe that the right creative can change the way people look at your brand or project, even change the way they look at the world.





A brand has a heartbeat. It’s fluid, intricate, and one of a kind. I believe that through the right design and strategic thinking, campaigns and ads can connect in a powerful way to audiences to tell impactful stories and drive results. The right ideas can help keep a brand unique and captivating.

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Bold. Powerful. Diverse. My editorial work is focused on storytelling, immersive photography, and sculpted design. Whether the project is big or small, single article or entire redesign, my goal is to bring fresh perspective in order to create something new, unique and perfect for the client.

I have been very lucky to work with some extremely brilliant and talented people in my day and to those people much of this work has been a great collaboration. My role for all work below was art direction and sole designer.

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If design is king, then moving design is a super bad ass king. Motion graphics can capture attention, round out ideas, and articulate nuanced messaging. They sweeten work and push the personality of a project or brand to a new and relevant level. With something as simple as a fun social post or animated logo, motion gets noticed.


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Monochrome Design House is a one man wrecking crew run by me, Bryan Nanista. As you can see from my work, I love editorial, advertising, design, art direction, creative direction and all things that need to look fantastic.

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